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                          decorative wall-paintings

                                                                                               on special places or simply where is space enough

trompe-l'il / trompe l`oeil, also illusion-paintings,

 means :"trick the eye" , realistic painted images with the right perspective, to imitate
 that the shown objects appear in three-dimensions, instead of being a two-dimensional painting.

 here i used it for a view through an open "window".


                                                 to limit treppe
                                                                                                                                                                     for a car-center , waterbased colours of course

                             truckers advice- have a break

                  motorpark u. timo glock


                                                                   in a cafe , after toulouse lautrec

nach lautrec

more pics are in the german section, sorry for this:



© by diedel heidemann