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1990-1994 Chronological listing
description in german...I`m too lazy



                                                        working methods and techniques

Coming from the figurative-objective drawing, I create semi-realistic works with variable ductus,
which partly follow a concept or receive a statement through external and internal influences.

Thematically, the focus is on the human being,
even if he is not present, objects indicate his presence.
I like to include socially critical areas, but I don't have to.
Because sometimes a motif is simply worth to be painted.

If an impulse inspires me to a work, I try to realize it quickly,
therefore I prefer to work with water-based paints (acrylic, dispersion).
On the one hand, this benefits my rather fast way of working to capture first ideas
but also allows me to make changes to different works at the same time.
If current events support or even suppress the first statement,
these can be incorporated immediately.
So it can happen, that it can take years until the final result
and also oil paints can be used.
In contrast to the initially fast work.
However, I do not limit myself to conventional painting utensils,
I also use natural materials like coffee, red wine,
Earth or found objects from magazines, street stuff,
Packaging material and old wooden planks as painting ground.
Graphic elements as well as digital design possibilities are increasingly finding their way into
my work.

light-shaddow-study                       ballpen on paper              



"locher" detail,
means an office-machine,

used to stamp
holes in paper.

"socken" ,
are socks.

                                                                                                                                          © by diedel heidemann

images gallery wall-pics deco contact nonsense linx