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                                                     online gallery

 here I present some artworks for sale,
                                                      feel free to contact me if some interests you.

portraitdrawings with pencil on paper

             example size 29 cm x 42 cm :       110,- eur

last portrait

"oliven-presser "


                    how to make oil from olives,  (not finshed) .
the first three steps are in coal  ,dispersion-black  and  -brown on canvas.                                                                        120 x 100 cm

                   and now the finished version                                                                                                                                                                                                  sold



david pompejic
                                                                  waterbased on wood                                                                            ca. 100 x 80 cm            280,- eur
                                                   the head of michelangelos statue david,

made like the ancient wallpaint techniques from pompeji.
                                         the plate is a little destroyed, I think it shows the ancient effekt better

david klein

hoppers "seawatcher`s"

seawatchers after e. hopper
      waterbased on paper                                                     ca. 60 x 80 cm                                    350,- eur                      
                      I put this piece on wood, now it`s like a frame which I coloured dark red.  size now 100 x 120 cm

"the automat"

                                                                  the automat after e. hopper
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  350,- eur

                                                                    after edward hoppers "the automat".
                                                                size and handled like "seawatchers". the frame is coloured green, like womans jacked.


images gallery wall-pics deco contact guestbook linx