allways start new
projects and
switch between them.

search for streetart in the
cities, try to save them
from the wall

fallen saints cd

                 diedel heidemann

Born in 1969 in dinklage, northern germany, the hometown of wellknown
Helmut Middendorf also.
Early success by draw in children-books and
try to copy them, follow`s more experience in comic-art.
Tattoo-order`s with a ballpen by his friends were the result.
Autodidactic it goes thru his childhood, regular schoolvisit
and education till 1990.
After his visit in the employment-world he start to develope his
at the FOG in oldenburg, to be able to study.
Then 2 years at juergen frey`s atellier-school freystil.
1993 he decides against university-knowledge and began directly to work as an artist.

Commercial freelance-job`s,  wall-painting and portrait`s, circus waggon`s
and work`s on object`s like furniture were his day-job.
By night he got his own kingdom of colour`s !

1997 at "decorative wallpainting`s moehring"in bremen, with works for example
jewellery wempe and in excuisite houses, like they are on the island "sylt",
his experience with surface-design and illusion-painting grow`s.

At that time the first uv-active-backdrop`s  with
fluorescence pigment were maid,
which are still in use for decoration`s !

2006 start with " malplatz ", a kind of paint-school but more to give interrested
people the opportunity to paint and share my knowledge with them

2007 online with "icksite.de", selfmade html-based homepage

2009 start to sell digital work / vector`s at the stock-picture-market

2012 cooperation with the gallery "Kunst-Projekt Forma:T", Berlin

2014 illustrated book "Werkauschnitt bis 2014"

diedel , artist


Artprint "750 Year`s Stoppelmarkt" Vechta, Artothek Vechta

Dinklager kalendar 2008,
drawing`s of old dinklager view`s , text from Ludger Seelhorst.

Dinklager children paint and history book 2008,
to show schoolkids their place`s history,
"What, dinklage has a station ?"

Dinklager kalendar 2009

children paint and history book  2009

Dinklager kalendar 2010, 2011

Romberg Comic 2011 

LP-Cover as limited artversion 2013                                                             
Split "10" with Talby and Undiscovered,
released on

CD Coverartwork Fallen Saints "Evolution Has Failed"
Death Metal


1992 ex Caritas Vechta," work`s from the paintingschool",
1996 Gallery Goldfine, Lohne, " lichtwesen"
1998 LZO Dinklage "what he does ?", retrospective
1998 Startmember "Arts Vivendi",
Artist`s in Southoldenburg ,
exposition with
Siegfried Zademack, Bremen
1999 at Dr. Kleintz, Dinklage, hommage to edward hopper
1999 several event`s with blacklight decoration in                                            

Münster, Osnabrück, Enschede/ Netherlands,

Vechta, Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein, Meklenburg Vorpommern,
Berlin, Bologna/ Italy...

2002 Cafe alte Wassermühle, Gut Duderstadt, Löningen (clp.) decorative-ancient painting
2004 Horsestreet Steinfeld , 3 coloured horsefigures , Landtag-/Hannover
2006 Hannover/ soccer-worldchampionship
coloured horsefigures with different national-dresses of the teams.
  More of these horses are in the Netherlands, Rumania and Japan.

2008 Art-competition of the "Château des Réaux", France.

?Women?s and Men?s Legs in the Art of the Beginning of the Third Millennium?
2 juried works , which are bought by them :

legsearch     waterbaby
Administration is still in progress ...!!!!!!!...wait,wait !!!!!!

Another sended picture they`ve lost !

unreachable  all works on canvas in oil, ca. 60 x 80 cm.

2008 Exposition "stueckgut ",  Höner-Mark-Weg-School, Dinklage.
the first time my streetart-stuff was exhibited.

flyer stückgut

2009 Exposition "e:7k", Dinklage
I organized this one to give my students and other artist
the opportunity to show their works.
Therefore the title , which origin from productdetail`s what is inside, like 0,7 liter`s.
In this case 7 kuenstler /artist from Dinklage.
Missed on the flyer : Helmut Middendorf, with 3 of his litho`s.

2010     Nacht und Nebel, Galerie Freudenreich, Berlin - Neukölln info

2012     Werkschau, Galerie Kunst Projekt forma: T, Berlin

2012     Permanent Show Praxis Baumann, Pölking, Schlarmann, Dinklage
2013     Praxis Bremer Tor, Vechta
2014     Raumformen, Münster 

2014     Stückweiss u. Brettwerk, Galerie Kunst Projekt forma: T, Berlin

2016     Romberg Memorial, circletraffic in Dinklage, direction Vechta

Purchased works are in private and public ownership at home and abroad:
Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Austria, Italy, Romania and Japan, as well as USA.

images gallery wall-pics deco contact nonsense linx

© by diedel heidemann